TPS as an Effective Technique to Enhance the Students’ Achievement on Writing Descriptive Text

  •  M. Pd. Sumarsih    
  •  Dedi Sanjaya    


Students’ achievement in writing descriptive text is very low, in this study Think Pair Share (TPS) is applied to solve the problem. Action research is conducted for the result. Additionally, qualitative and quantitative techniques are applied in this research. The subject of this research is grade VIII in Junior High School in Indonesia. From this study,  the mean of the first evaluation sharply increased to the mean of the second evaluation and to the mean of the third evaluation. They are 66.4375, 78.125 and 87.5625 respectively. Observation result showed that the students gave their good attitudes and responses during teaching and learning process by applying the application of TPS (Think Pair Share) technique. Questionnaire and interview report showed that students agree with the application of TPS (Think Pair Share) technique have helped them in writing descriptive text. It can be conclude that the students’ achievement is improved when they are taught by TPS Technique.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.