Improving Students’ Report Writing Quality in an EAP Context: Group versus Individual

  •  Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali    


This paper looks into report writing quality on both individual and group bases in an EAP context. A total of 100 EFL students at post foundation level in a University College in Oman, and 15 EFL teachers were selected randomly. Questionnaires were administered to investigate their perceptions and experiences with report writing quality on individual and group bases. The results revealed the majority of teachers and students were in favour of group writing reports, however, most of them believe individual reports have helped students to take charge of their own learning and improve their reports quality. Sample reports were also compared and contrasted, and the results indicated there was that individual reports quality is better than group reports. Recommendations on how report writing quality could be enhanced and improved are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.