Binding Task-Based Language Teaching and Task-Based Language Testing: A Survey into EFL Teachers and Learners' Views of Task-Based Approach

  •  Ali Panahi    


In most settings, task-based language teaching and testing have been dissociated from each other. That is why this study came to rethink of the learners’ views towards awareness and implementation of task-based language teaching through IELTS listening tasks. To these objectives, after sketching instrumentation, the learners were divided into IELTS-Instructed group and TOEFL-Instructed group, the former was treated through IELTS listening task with the related strategies and tips, and the latter was instructed through TOEFL listening materials. Prior to treatment, statistically viewed, a significant difference was observed between the questionnaires of teachers and learners, but after undertaking an instruction, a significant difference was observed just between the views of the teachers and IELTS-instructed group. As such, a significant difference between the performances of the two groups was revealed. The results displayed that the performance and views of the task-associated group were, respectively, increased and changed, affected by the wash-back effect of the task-oriented IELTS activities. It is hoped that this paper will be of pedagogical use for the teachers and learners enchanted to bridge the gap between task-based language teaching and task-based language testing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.