The Future of English and Its Varieties: An Applied Linguistic Perspective

  •  Abdelrahman Abdalla Salih    


In recent years, the rapid growth and unprecedented dominance of the English language has transformed the world's linguistic ecology and promoted anxiety and debates about its future. The language has developed into a leading international lingua franca used by millions of speakers in different linguistic and cultural contexts worldwide. This paper examines an applied linguistic conceptual interest concerning the future of English and its varieties in light of its current status, the challenges it experiences, and the conspicuous threats to half of the world’s languages. The paper draws on the significance of broadening the study of the English language history by examining the linguistic consequences associated with its changes and the users’ experience, expectations and attitudes. The study also calls for a better understanding of the features of lesser-known English varieties and the less researched domains of its use.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.