Effectiveness of the ADDIE Model within an E-Learning Environment in Developing Creative Writing in EFL Students

  •  Abdullah M. Almelhi    


The present research aimed to examine the effectiveness of the ADDIE model as used in teaching online in the LMS of Blackboard® and its facilities such as discussion boards, forums and blogs for improving the creative writing skills of EFL college students. The researcher utilized a quasi-experimental method, involving a pretest, posttest and control group design. Sixty students were randomly selected from freshmen studying in the English department participated in the study and were assigned equally to the research groups. The experimental group was exposed to the e-learning environment, which sought to develop the students’ creative writing skills while the control group was exposed to the traditional teaching method. Using a creative writing checklist and a writing test designed to assess the specific features of creative writing (originality, accuracy, self-expression, fluency, flexibility and overall writing performance for assessing creative writing in the research participants, results of t-tests and eta square statistical tests demonstrated that there were statistically significant differences between the mean scores gained by the experimental group and those obtained by the control group writing performance post-testing to the good of the experimental group participants. Conclusions and pedagogical implications were forwarded at the end of the article.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.