A Methodological Review of Machine Learning in Applied Linguistics

  •  Zhiqing Lin    


The traditional linear regression in applied linguistics (AL) suffers from the drawbacks arising from the strict assumptions namely: linearity, and normality, etc. More advanced methods are needed to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional method and grapple with intricate linguistic problems. However, there is no previous review on the applications of machine learning (ML) in AL, the introduction of interpretable ML, and related practical software. This paper addresses these gaps by reviewing the representative algorithms of ML in AL. The result shows that ML is applicable in AL and enjoys a promising future. It goes further to discuss the applications of interpretable ML for reporting the results in AL. Finally, it ends with the recommendations of the practical programming languages, software, and platforms to implement ML for researchers in AL to foster the interdisciplinary studies between AL and ML.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.