Foreign Language Virtual Class Room: Anxiety Creator or Healer?

  •  Mohammad Tanvir Kaisar    
  •  Sabrina Yasmin Chowdhury    


Virtual classroom using technology is a novel dimension in distance learning and teaching pedagogy during the pandemic situation across the globe. Researchers regard e-learning as an opportunity for future teaching and learning approach. Therefore, recent pieces of literature on Foreign Language Anxiety, Technological anxiety and E-learning using virtual classroom inspires the current researchers to foster a real picture of Bangladeshi educational institutions. The study aims at investigating whether the virtual classroom situation creates anything new in Foreign Language Anxiety or heals the learners from anxiety experienced in the physical classroom. A self-made Foreign Language Virtual Classroom Anxiety Scale (FLVCAS) was conducted through 104 students’ participation from three public and three private universities of Bangladesh. Through the tertiary level learners’ physical language classroom and virtual language classroom participation, the quantitative data has been collected. In-depth interview and focus group discussion have also been conducted to collect qualitative data. The study also shows findings and important recommendations for the concerned so that virtual language classroom environment and anxiety-free ‘Foreign Language Virtual Classroom’ can be implemented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.