A Study of College English Culture Intelligence-Aided Teaching System and Teaching Pattern

  •  Cao Meng-yue    
  •  Li Dan    
  •  Wang Jun    


College English teaching is supposed to cover both language acquisition and culture learning due to the close relationship between language and culture, taking cultural teaching as an indispensible part of college English courses. With the rapid integration of information technology and English curriculum, artificial intelligence has brought new opportunities to college English teaching, and college English cultural teaching methods are now faced with new innovations. In the age of intelligence, to promote teaching quality and learning effect, artificial intelligence technology can be embedded in English teaching practice, exerting its technical advantages and frontier characteristics. In consideration of integrated developing tendency of college English cultural teaching model and modern information technology, the paper is aimed to design and build up an intelligence-aided system so as to extend the depth and width of the application of modern information technology in college English cultural teaching as well as to exploit the great application potential of modern information technology in college English cultural teaching, thus opening a new way and presenting a direction for college English cultural teaching.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.