The Change and Construction of Chinese National Image in 1949-2019

  •  Zhu Hailong    


The image of country is overall impression and evaluation of the country itself given by countries and people at home and abroad. It is a concrete expression of the country’s strategic resources and overall strength. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, its national image has evolved over the past 70 years. It has realized the transformation from a monist image of “political supremacy” to “democracy, livelihood, and civil rights”, from a poor and backward country in the East to a rich and advanced socialist country, and from “hard power” to “soft power”. In the future, the national image construction needs to improve the theoretical building and strengthen the top-level design, highlight the strategic perspective of the international communication system, expand the communication path, and enhance the time-effectiveness of the dissemination of the Chinese national image.

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