The Influence of the Big Five Personality Traits on Burnout in Medical Doctors

  •  Anita Sharma    
  •  Neelabh Kashyap    


The objective of present study was to investigate the relationship between the Big Five personality factors and burnout in medical doctors. The sample comprised of 100 doctors (50 males and 50 females). Results of the study revealed that personality factors explained significant amount of variance in both the males’ and females’ sample. In females’ sample, agreeableness explained the maximum variance of 26% (r=-.507**, p<.01) in depersonalization, extraversion explained 12% (r=-.355*, p<.05) of variance in emotional exhaustion, conscientiousness explained 11% (r=-.351*, p<.05) of variance in reduced personal accomplishment and neuroticism explained 9% (r=.098) of variance in reduced personal accomplishment. In males’ sample, extraversion turned out to be the best predictor of emotional exhaustion and explained 11% (r=-.385**, p<.01) of variance in the said variable and openness explained about 10% (r=-.319*, p<.05) of variance in depersonalization. Overall these personality factors have explained 58% of variance in females’ sample and 21% of variance in males’ sample.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.