School-Based Behavioural Consultation for School-Refusal Behaviour

  •  Naoki Maeda    


Through three case reports, the present study explores a school-based behavioural consultation for school-refusal behaviour. A two-part intervention was established in this study. The first part consisted of a school counsellor providing behavioural consultation for school-refusal behaviour to the parents and school staff and the second part used an attendance process which parents and school staff escorted children who are unwilling to engage in treatment process to school. Through a series of intervention, all participants were able to attend school from the first week of intervention, and a school-based behavioural consultation using escorting school attendance was effective in treating these children. In addition, this study found that all the parties involved in this process should spend most of their energy during the first crucial week of intervention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.