Social Media Use, Engagement and Addiction as Predictors of Academic Performance

  •  Jamal Al-Menayes    


This study investigated the effect of social media usage, engagement, and addiction on academic performance. First, the results show that the amount of time one spends using social media affects academic performance in a negative way. The amount of time one spends using social media is negatively correlated with their academic performance. Second, the study examined the effect of social media engagement on academic performance. Results show the SMEQ had no significant impact on academic performance. This outcome indicates that, unlike social media usage, being engaged alone does not affect academic performance. Finally, the study looked at social media addiction and its effect on academic performance. Social Media Addiction Scale (SMAS) was used for this purpose. Factor analysis was again used to determine the dimensions of SMAS. The analysis yielded three factors. Two of these factors were negative predictors of academic performance. This is not surprising since addiction implies heavy usage that previously showed the same negative effect on academic performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.