Ingroup Bias and Ingroup Projection in the Furry Fandom

  •  Stephen Reysen    
  •  Courtney Plante    
  •  Sharon Roberts    
  •  Kathleen Gerbasi    


In two studies, we examine ingroup favoritism within the furry community. Furry fans construct personas (“fursonas”) that are often related to a species of animal (e.g., fox, wolf). In Study 1, furries were found to rate their fursona species more favorably than other species. In Study 2, we examined whether the ingroup projection model may aid in understanding this ingroup species bias. Participants’ ratings of prototypicality of their species within the fandom was associated with greater favoritism of one’s species. A serial mediation model showed that identification with the fursona and perceived benefits of one’s fursona mediated the association between ingroup projection and ingroup species bias.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.