Relationships between Oil Price and Stock Market: An Empirical Analysis from Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE)

  •  Ayhan Kapusuzoglu    


The present study examined long-term relationships and short-term dynamics between National 100, National 50 and National 30 Index of Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) and international Brent oil price by using various econometric techniques. The study, in which relationships of three index with oil price are sought separately, encompasses the period between 04.01.2000 and 04.01.2010 and was performed with data consisting of 2437 days. As a result of applied Johansen cointegration test, it was determined that there was a cointegrated relationship between each index and oil price, with other words, there was a long term relationship between each of the three index and oil price. As a result of Granger causality analysis, it was observed that there was one way causality relationship from all index of the stock exchange market to oil price, but oil price was not the causal of each of the three index.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.