Top Management Supports and Informationization Performance: A Moderated Mediation Effect

  •  Ming Zhong    
  •  Fuangfa Amponstira    


Senior managers can influence the cognition and behavior of other members of the enterprise by formulating informatization strategies and initiating informatization reforms, thereby affecting the success or failure of enterprise informatization. This paper establishes a model of the influence mechanism of the level of executive support on the performance of enterprise informatization. Taking enterprises in Guangdong Province, China as the survey object, through a three-stage questionnaire survey, 419 valid questionnaires were obtained. This paper shows that: executive support has a positive impact on team entrepreneurial passion. Executive support is the antecedent variable of enterprise informatization reform, and informatization reform plays an intermediary role between the executive support variables and informatization performance variables. Organizational communication plays a moderating role between informatization reform and informatization performance. This will improve the guiding theories in the field of organizational behavior and provide new ideas for the construction of the mechanism model of informatization performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.