Research on the Export Potential of China’s Equipment Manufacturing Products to Countries Along the Belt and Road

  •  Pengfei Chu    
  •  Guanxia Xie    
  •  Zhenyun Liu    


Based on China’s export trade data of equipment manufacturing to countries along the Belt and Road from 2006 to 2018, this paper uses a stochastic frontier gravity model to analyze the influencing factors and export trade efficiency of China’s export trade. The results indicate that: 1) Larger economic scale and population size, closer geographical distance, common boundaries and a common language can significantly increase China’s exports of equipment manufacturing products to countries along the route. 2) Signing free trade agreements with partners, increasing trade openness, and improving infrastructure construction can significantly improve China’s export trade level, while excessive tariff levels will inhibit export trade efficiency. 3) In recent years, the efficiency of China’s export trade to countries along the Belt and Road has improved, but the overall level is still low, and the efficiency of export trade to different countries varies greatly. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen international trade cooperation, improve conditions for trade development, increase investment in infrastructure construction with countries along the Belt and Road, and adopt targeted strategies for different types of markets to develop market potential.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.