Understanding the Motivating Factors among Future Working Individuals

  •  Mohamad F. Issa    


This study has investigated the ranked importance of certain motivational factors of senior level undergraduate and MBA students in the School of Business at The Lebanese International University(LIU). To gain information about the rankings of these motivational factors, a self-administered questionnaire addressing nine motivational factors: (1) Job security, (2) Good salary, (3) personal loyalty to employees from your superiors, (4) interesting work, (5) good working conditions, (6) Promotion and growth in the organization, (7) Full appreciation of work done, (8) freedom to plan and execute work independently,(9) A good match between your job requirements and your abilities and experience was designed and hand delivered to 126 participants in the School of Business. Nearly 70% of the students participated in the survey were registered in the MBA program. The findings of the study suggest that good salary and job security are the highest ranked motivational factors. The findings of the study also support the notion that what motivates workers is different given the environment in which they work.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.