Gender Identity: Challenges to Access Social and Health Care Services for Lesbians in Nepal

  •  Rabin Pathak    
  •  Pramod Regmi    
  •  Puspa Pant    
  •  Padam Simkhada    
  •  Flora Douglas    
  •  Jane Stephens    


Literatures about same-sex love and sexuality in Nepal are rare. However, limited anecdotal evidence on these issues signals that the health and social care needs of lesbians in Nepal are high. This qualitative study explores the challenges faced by lesbians in Nepal in accessing health and social services. In-depth interviews carried out with fifteen lesbians found that Nepalese lesbians face many challenges from families and societies which result in a stressful life, homelessness and forced and unwanted relationships and marriage, including self-harming behaviours. They often face discrimination and harassment when coming out at public administration and social institutions. Hence, most lesbians of Nepal prefer not to disclose their sexual identity due to the fear of becoming isolated and not getting quality health care services.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.