Health Status and Personal Hygiene among Food Handlers Working at Food Establishment around a Rural Teaching Hospital in Wardha District of Maharashtra, India

  •  Abhay Mudey    
  •  Naveeta Kesharwani    
  •  Gargi Mudey    
  •  Ramchandra Goyal    
  •  Ajay Dawale    
  •  Vasant Wagh    


The chances of food contamination largely depend on the health status of food handlers & their hygiene behaviors and practices. Often these food handlers are being appointed without proper health examination. Hence community based cross-sectional study was conducted on randomly selected 160 food handlers of both sex to assess health status of food handlers working in food establishment nearby a medical institute. Stool examination and nail culture was also done.

There was no registration of these food establishments. Most of the food handlers were young in age, mostly cooks (35.62 %) and literate (63.13 %). Point prevalence of morbidity was 54 (33.75%) and period prevalence 26.25 %. 21.87 % were anemic. Microbial positivity rate for their stool & nail culture was 97 percent.

Registration of all food establishments should be mandatory. Pre-placement and periodical medical checkup is the key to improve health status of food handlers for better food safety.


Key Words: Food handlers, personal hygiene, food safety, health status, stool & nail culture


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.