Influence of Comprehensive Life Style Intervention in Patients of CHD

  •  Ali Dehghani    
  •  Sanjiv Kumar Bhasin    
  •  Shridhar Dwivedi    
  •  Rajeev Kumar Malhotra    


Background and Objectives: Over the past 30 years, the CHD rates have doubled in India whereas CHD rates have declined by 15% in most developed countries due to lifestyle interventions during the same period. So, the present study was conducted to find out the effectiveness of lifestyle intervention in reducing major risk factors in CHD patients in an Indian setting.

Methods: We conducted this randomized controlled trial on 640 eligible subjects who were randomly assigned to two groups. The study group was given an interventional package at baseline and at three months, detailing the aspects of a healthy lifestyle in relation to CHD risk factors whereas no intervention was provided for the control group. The study subjects were followed at three and six months and the risk factors were assessed to find out reduction, if any, in the prevalence of the risk factors amongst them.

Results: There was a significant reduction in hypertension, tobacco, and lack of physical activity at three and at six months (p<0.03) when compared to the baseline in the study group. However, there was no significant reduction in obesity at three months (p=0.148) while the reduction in obesity was significant at six months (p=0.0005) in the study group as compared to the control group. The lipid profile reduced significantly at six months but there was no statistically significant reduction in diabetes at six months in the study group as compared to the control group (p=0.419).

Interpretation & Conclusion: Except for diabetes, the lifestyle intervention was successful in increasing physical activity, improving the hypertension control, and decreasing lipid profile disorders, obesity, and tobacco use in the study group.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.