Barriers of Modern Contraceptive Practices among Asian Women: A Mini Literature Review

  •  Fatemeh Najafi-Sharjabad    
  •  Sharifah Zainiyah Syed Yahya    
  •  Hejar Abdul Rahman    
  •  Muhamad Hanafiah Juni    
  •  Rosliza Abdul Manaf    


Family planning has been cited as essential to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Family planning has a direct impact on women’s health and consequence of each pregnancy. The use of modern contraception among Asian women is less than global average. In Asia a majority of unintended pregnancies are due to using traditional contraceptive or no methods which lead to induced unsafe abortion. Cultural attitudes, lack of knowledge of methods and reproduction, socio demographic factors, and health service barriers are the main obstacles to modern contraceptive practice among Asian women. Culturally sensitive family planning program, reforming health system, and reproductive health education through mass media to create awareness of the benefits of planned parenthood are effective strategies to improve modern contraceptive practice among Asian women.

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