An Investigation of Hypertension Risk Factors among Adults in Oshikoto Region in Namibia

  •  Emilia Shiwa Ashipala    
  •  Linda Ndeshipandula Lukolo    


INTRODUCTION: Hypertension complications are responsible for 9.4 million deaths worldwide and among these deaths, 51 % are due to stroke and 45% are due to heart disease like heart failure. This study aims to investigate the hypertension risk factors among adult in Oshikoto region, Namibia.

METHODS: A community population-based, cross- sectional survey was conducted using WHO STEPwise approach among 375 adults in Oshikoto region. Bivariate and multivariate analysis was done to determine the association between risk factors and Hypertension, based on p-value <0.05.

RESULTS: Overall prevalence for risk factors was: physical inactivity (25.3%), unhealthy diet (75.7%), tobacco use (9.1%), harmful use of alcohol (40.8%). 20.5% overweight with majority (85.7%) of them were females. Obesity was 9.1% in which 91.2% were females. Hypertension prevalence was 24.3%. Four percent of individuals were having two multiple risk factors for hypertension, 2.4% with four risk factors and 1.1% with more than four risk factors. Age group (OR=2.48, 95%CI=1.44-4.26, P=0.001), Obesity (OR=3.48, 95%CI=1.55-7.79, P=0.003), and overweight (OR=2.34, 95%CI=1.31-4.19, P =0.004) were significant risk factors for hypertension.

CONCLUSIONS: This study revealed a high prevalence and burden of hypertension risk factors such as obesity and overweight among adults in Oshikoto region, thus, these results highlight the need for interventions to reduce and prevent those risk factors of hypertension in Oshikoto region, Namibia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.