COVID-19, Rate of Case Factors and Nutritional Characteristics of Patients Dying in Italy and Brazil: A Critical Analyze

  •  Eliza Miranda Ramos    
  •  Antônio Carlos de Abreu    
  •  Sandra Luzinete Félix de Freitas    
  •  Matheus Dullius de Lima    
  •  Francisco José Mendes dos Reis    
  •  Hugo Vieira Ramos    
  •  Igor Domingos de Souza    
  •  Liliane de Mello Santos Bochenek    
  •  Alessandro Carvalho da Fonseca    
  •  Valter Aragão do Nascimento    


Viruses continued to emerge and bring challenges to the global public health system with emerging viruses with respiratory contagion. Previous studies have shown that the increased incidence of certain viral respiratory infections, including influenza and coronavirus, is associated with low levels of Vitamin D, zinc and iron. Elements such as iron, zinc and Vitamin D influence adaptive immunity by inhibiting the proliferation of B cells with differentiation and secretion of immunoglobulins that will supply the proliferation of T cells and this will result in a more pro-inflammatory response change.

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