Degradation of Anthracene by Alkaliphilic Bacteria Bacillus badius

  •  Ahmed Ahmed    
  •  Munif Othman    
  •  Vasudeo Sarwade    
  •  Gawai Kachru    


Alkaliphilic bacterial strain Bacillus badius D1was isolated from Pristine Crater Lake of Lonar, Buldhana, MS, India. It was found that the bacterial strain had a promising potential to degrade aromatic hydrocarbons. The growth conditions of the strain were optimized. The bacterial strain Bacillus badius D1 could degrade anthracene at a concentration of 50 mg/100 ml at pH 9.0 with in 60 hrs. Similarly the effect of experimental parameters like pH, temperature, and salinity was also studied on anthracene degradation. The structural determination of the intermediates of anthracene degradation was carried out by spectroscopic analysis like FTIR, GC-MS and 1HNMR. A tentative pathway of anthracene degradation by bacillus badius D1 is also reported.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.