Systematics of Deliveries to Increase Postgraduate Courses Scientific Productivity

  •  Mauro Caetano    
  •  Cláudio Jorge Pinto Alves    


To assist researchers in the development of scientific studies and optimize the resources invested in engineering postgraduate programs, it is necessary instruments to support both teachers and students in carrying out the activities during the courses. Although there are proposals in the literature for structuring specific studies, there are gaps regarding the follow-up of these activities in a systematic and gradual manner. From an action research in a postgraduate course in engineering, in this study was developed, tested, evaluated and improved a tool to assist students in the development of subject-specific studies in postgraduate courses, identified as Systematics of Deliveries. The results show that the application of this tool can be useful not only in increasing the productivity of postgraduate courses, but also in the personal development of students as they follow the step-by-step the management of scientific studies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.