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Vol 7, No 1 (2015)

Review of European Studies, Vol. 7, No. 1, January 2015, Special Issue

Table of Contents


National Arts and Crafts in the Content of Art Education of Russia PDF
Linar G. Akhmetov, Vyacheslav S. Badaev, Valentina A. Komelina, Vladimir K. Kuzmin p1
The Correlation between Parental Attitude and Susceptibility to Drug Addiction among Students PDF
Elena A. Cheverikina, Nataliya A. Kora, Juliya V. Badalyan, Tatyana V. Klimova, Tatyana S. Yeremeyeva, Ekaterina V. Mokeyeva, Alfiya R. Masalimova p5
Multi-Confessional Societies in Russia and India: Models of Relations between the State and Religious Associations PDF
Albina R. Fayzullina, Regina M. Mukhametzyanova-Duggal p12
Content and Methods of Teacher Professional Culture Forming PDF
Guzel I. Gaysina p18
Improving Strategic Management of the Business Entities PDF
Anvar V. Gumerov, Regina R. Kharisova, Adeliya V. Pavlova, Irina Y. Litvin, Karina R. Nabiullina, Neile K. Schepkina, Ilshat T. Sabirov p23
Formation of Competitiveness of Future Teacher of Technology and Business PDF
Islamov A. Edikovich, Faizrakhmanov I. Magsumovich p29
Regional Experience of Students’ Innovative and Entrepreneurial Competence Forming PDF
Vasily G. Ivanov, Albina R. Shaidullina, Aleksander S. Drovnikov, Sergey A. Yakovlev, Alfiya R. Masalimova p35
Practical Recommendations for Optimizing the Process of Formation and Development of Academic Mobility of Students in Higher Educational Institutions of Russia PDF
Rimma R. Khanmurzina, Oleg V. Sinitzyn, Ayrat F. Kaviyev, Elena A. Burdukovskaya, Inessa V. Lebedeva, Svetlana I. Ashmarina p41
Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions of Academic Mobility Development of Students at School of Higher Professional Education PDF
Elena E. Merzon, Albina R. Fayzullina, Rinat R. Ibatullin, Dmitry A. Krylov, Neile K. Schepkina, Tatyana V. Pavlushkina, Elmira R. Khairullina p46
Historical Retrospective of Environmental Problems of Oil-Extracting Regions (On the Example of the Almetyevsk District of Tatarstan Republic in Russia in the Second Half of the XX century) PDF
Alsu L. Mirzagitova p52
Substantive, Methodological and Organizational Discourse in Oriental History Learning at School and University PDF
Guzel F. Mrathuzina, Albina R. Fayzullina, Firuza A. Saglam p57
Model of Vocational School, High School and Manufacture Integration in the Regional System of Professional Education PDF
Albina R. Shaidullina, Dmitry A. Krylov, Viktoriya V. Sadovaya, Gulnaz R. Yunusova, Stanislav O. Glebov, Alfiya R. Masalimova, Irina V. Korshunova p63
The Peculiarities of Perspective Students Selection Mechanism by the Future Employers-Enterprise PDF
Albina R. Shaidullina, Elena E. Merzon, Venera G. Zakirova, Ekaterina V. Mokeyeva, Boris A. Karev, Elena A. Burdukovskaya, Natalya M. Polevaya p68
The Educational Institution Teachers and Professional Community Representatives’ Readiness Formation for the Joint Pupils’ Career Guidance Implementation PDF
Kadriya I. Sibgatova, Zulfiya N. Mirzagalyamova, Evgeniya L. Pupysheva, Fairuza I. Mirzanagimova, Inna N. Shkinderova, Elvira N. Nuriyeva, Alfiya R. Masalimova, Neile K. Schepkina p74
Pedagogical Potential of the Career Guidance Course “Professional Career Planning” to Form Pupils and Students’ Self-Determination in the Integrated System “School—Vocational College” PDF
Kadriya I. Sibgatova, Ilshat T. Sabirov, Victoria V. Sadovaya, Vera K. Vlasova, Irina I. Leyfa, Lyubov P. Yatsevich, Guzel R. Fassakhova p80
Ecological Problems of Middle Volga in the Second Half of the XXth Century: Historical and Ecological Analysis of Leading Industrial Regions Development PDF
Aidar M. Kalimullin p86
Formation of Professional Competences of “Primary Education” Profile Students While the Studying Process at the University PDF
Lera A. Kamalova p94
The Psychological Features of Personality Protection under Conditions of Stress Caused by Forced Isolation PDF
Guzel S. Gabdreeva p101
Improving the Information System of University Management PDF
Elena Y. Levina, Gulshat M. Mustafina, Venera M. Nigmetzyanova, Radik M. Galiyev, Natalya A. Chalkina, Svetlana I. Ashmarina, Tatyana S. Yeremeyeva p109
Structure and Development of the Intellectual Potential of the Industrial Enterprise Personnel PDF
Aliya Z. Gafiyatullina, Adeliya V. Pavlova, Maria V. Vesloguzova, Rayaz K. Takhaviev, Ilana B. Kashirina, Svetlana I. Ashmarina p117
Designing Technology of English Language Teaching Content Based on International Component PDF
Elena V. Grigoryeva, Irina I. Leyfa, Lyubov P. Yatsevich, Marina A. Demyanenko, Natalya V. Makovey, Tatyana V. Pavlushkina, Alfiya R. Masalimova p123
Computer Technology in the Development of Emotional Intelligence of Children with Intellectual Disabilities PDF
Lidiya F. Fatikhova, Elena F. Saifutdiyarova p130
Model of Psychological Disadaptation at Psychosomatic and Neurotic Disorders PDF
Ildar R. Abitov p136
The Correlation of Importance and Attainability Disparity in the Personality Value System with the Meaningfulness of Life PDF
Nailia R. Salikhova p141
Correlation between Marriage Satisfaction and the Self-Relation and the Person Psychological Gender in Young Families PDF
Tatiana Sharay p148
The Development Specifics of the Professional Integration-Communicative Competence of Students in Pedagogical Universities PDF
Natal’ya D. Koletvinova p154
Features of Formation of Future Educational Psychologists’ Professional Identity during Their Retraining PDF
Svetlana E. Chirkina p161
Specifics of Psychological, Social and Physical Health Levels Interrelation among Teachers of Different Age and Teaching Experience PDF
Rezeda M. Khusainova p166
Methodic Techniques of Solving Technical Problems Developing Technical Students’ Thinking PDF
Zyamil G. Nigmatov p171
Civic Education of the Technical University Students in Foreign Language Classes PDF
Roza A. Valeeva, Natalya E. Koroleva, Farida K. Sakhapova p176
Socio-Statistical Characteristics of Informal Employment PDF
Evgeny A. Belov p182
Ecological and Sanitary Problems of Kazan Province Industrial Development in the XIXth and Early XXth Centuries PDF
Aidar M. Kalimullin, Andrei V. Vinogradov p188
Economic Security in the Conditions of Innovative Transformation of Economy PDF
Tatiana G. Antropova, Izida I. Ishmuradova, Venera N. Minsabirova, Farida S. Gazizova, Ruslan R. Temirbulatov p195
The Role of the Quality Production Process of the Business Entitles in Volatile Environment PDF
Anvar V. Gumerov, Adeliya V. Pavlova, Guzyal M. Kharisova, Sare N. Abdullina, Elena S. Matveeva, Mikhail G. Vyukov, Elmira R. Khairullina p200

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