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Vol 7, No 3 (2015)

Review of European Studies, Vol. 7, No. 3, March 2015

Table of Contents


Personality-Related Factors of Self-Fulfillment in Professional Activities PDF
Tatiana Vyacheslavovna Byundyugova, Elena Victorovna Kornienko p1
Russia Introduces Integration Examination for Migrants: Some Legal Aspects PDF
Kiseleva E. Viacheslavovna, Kazhaeva O. Sergeevna p15
Successful Leadership Practices in School Problem-Solving by the Principals of the Secondary Schools in Irbid Educational Area PDF
Mahmoud Khaled Mohammad Al-Jaradat, Khaleda Khaled Zaid-Alkilani p20
Examination of the Ascension of the Prophet of Islam in the View of Orientalists PDF
Hassan Rezaee Haftador, Babollah Mohammadee, Hossayn Rahnemaee p33
Features of Modeling the Formation of Teaching Staff Competitiveness PDF
Nina A. Ivanenko, Linar G. Akhmetov, Sergei Y. Lavrentiev, Elena P. Kartashova, Larisa V. Lezhnina, Kseniya A. Tzaregorodtzeva, Elmira R. Khairullina p37
The Mechanisms of Effective Use of State Sovereign Funds for the Purpose of Investment Development of Regions PDF
Izabella Damdinovna Elyakova, Vladimir Yuryevich Morozov, Oksana Borisovna Fedorova p43
Influence of Tourism Industry Development on the Regional Labour Market (on the Example of the Yaroslavl Region) PDF
Lubov Semenovna Morozova, Alexander Nikolaevich Ananjev, Vladimir Yurievich Morozov, Natalya Vladimirovna Havanova, Elena Vladimirovna Litvinova p51
Qualimetric Methods in the Evaluation of the Quality of Professional Training of Specialists in Social Work PDF
Natalya Ivanovna Nikitina, Elena Yurievna Romanova, Ekaterina Vladimirovna Komarova, Svetlana Nikolaevna Tolstikova, Veronica Mickhailovna Grebennikova p66
Enhancement of the Mechanism of Economic Regulation of Environment Protection and Nature Management in the Republic of Kazakhstan Based on the Use of Foreign Experience PDF
Samat Smoilov p80
Adaptation of Graduates and Students of Regions to Education in Higher Education Institutions of Russia by Means of Social-Psychological Training PDF
Bogdan Vasyakin, Maria Berezhnaya, Elena Pozharskaya, Nelia Deberdeeva p88
Vehicle Insurance Financial Mechanism PDF
Larisa Yuzvovich, Elena Knyazeva, Elena Razumovskaya, Vadim Katochikov p99
Realization of Copyright in Russia in the Sphere of Scientific Articles: The Experience of Applied Sociological Analysis PDF
Elena Eugenievna Tarando, Yury Vladimirovich Mishalchenko, Nikolay Alexandrovich Pruel, Olga Alexandrovna Nikiforova, Tatiana Borisovna Malinina p113
Methodical Approach and Tools to Improve the Efficiency of Managing of the Innovation Potential in the Context of Economic Globalization PDF
Sergey Mikhailovich Vasin, Leyla Ayvarovna Gamidullaeva p124
Police Corruption in Kazakhstan: The Preliminary Results of the Study PDF
Bakhyt Nurgaliyev, Kuatzhan Ualiyev, Branislav Simonovich p140
Complainant Identity: Things to Consider in Obtaining Customers’ Feedback in Public Transportation PDF
Andrey S. Mikhaylov, Anna A. Mikhaylova p149
Russian Historical Science in the New Paradigm Conditions PDF
Irina Alekseevna Gataullina, Olga Mikhailovna Gilmutdinova p158
The Perception on the Relation between Religion and Science: A Cross Culture Study in the Malaysian Society PDF
Mohd Arip Kasmo, Bayu Taufiq Possumah, Wan Zulkifli Wan Hassan, Nasruddin Yunos, Zulkifli Mohamad p163
Religious Sentiment in the Muslim Malaysia: Rationality and the Religious Belief PDF
Mohd Arip Kasmo, Abur Hamdi Usman, Wan Zulkifli Wan Hassan, Zulkifli Muhamad, Nasruddin Yunos, Azwira Abdul Aziz, Abdul Salam Yusuf p171
The Perception of Human Cloning: A Comparative Study between Difference Faiths in Malaysia PDF
Mohd Arip Kasmo, Abur Hamdi Usman, Mohamad Mohsin Mohamad Said, Mohamad Taha, Azwira Abdul Aziz p178
Religious Tolerance in Malaysia: A Comparative Study between the Different Religious Groups PDF
Mohd Arip Kasmo, Abur Hamdi Usman, Mohamad Taha, Ahmad Rafizi Salleh, Jamsari Alias p184
Impact of Work Engagement on Performance in Indian Higher Education System PDF
Manish Gupta, Anitha Acharya, Ritu Gupta p192
Are Universities in Taiwan Less Efficient than Top Universities in the World? PDF
Hsuan-Fu Ho p202
“Hard Copy” Building Model versus Digital Webpage Serving the Representation of Concepts in Architecture Design and in Scenographic Design PDF
Maria Bostenaru Dan p210
Economic Convergence in the European Union: How does Malta Fit in? PDF
Melchior Vella p229
Dividend Policy and Investment Decisions of Korean Banks PDF
Seok Weon Lee p245
Examining Demographic and Psychographic Profiles of Potential First-Class Undergraduates PDF
Lim Khong Chiu, Noor Azniza Ishak, Nor Idayu Mahat, Basri Rashid p253
Using Social Media as a Tool for Improving Academic Performance through Collaborative Learning in Malaysian Higher Education PDF
Waleed Mugahed Al-rahmi, Mohd Shahizan Othman, Lizawati Mi Yusof, Mahdi Alhaji Musa p265
Analysis of the Competitive Environment in Motor Fuel Regional Market PDF
Tatyana Alekseevna Rudakova, Inna Nikolaevna Sannikova, Olga Aleksandrovna Shavandina p276
The Peculiarities of Socio-Educational Support of the Future Specialist Professional Formation in Higher Education PDF
Evgeniya V. Gutman, Dmitry A. Krylov, Svetlana A. Arefeva, Svetlana N. Fedorova, Peter A. Apakaev, Tatyana N. Petrova, Valentina A. Komelina p286
The Features of Social Partnership as a Mechanism for the Integration of Education and Production PDF
Albina R. Shaidullina, Aleksei V. Morov, Natalya S. Morova, Tatyana N. Petrova, Olga V. Kirillova, Tatyana V. Kirillova, Irina M. Riazantzeva p292
Ethnic Model of Consumer Practices Tatars and Russians of Republic of Tatarstan in the Period of Globalization PDF
Sergey Y. Rychkov, Nadezhda V. Rychkova, Gyzel R. Stolyarova p298
The Main Directions of International Educational Integration: Potential Benefits and Risks of Reforming Professional Education PDF
Roman V. Kupriyanov, Renat N. Zaripov, Nailya S. Valeyeva, Elvira R. Valeyeva, Irina R. Zaripova, Marina I. Nadeyeva p305
Methodological Support for Professional Development of Physical-Mathematical Sciences Teachers, Aimed At Forming the Project-Technical Competency of Technical University Students PDF
Ilsiyar M. Zaripova, Nadezhda I. Merlina, Azat S. Valeyev, Alla E. Upshinskaya, Renat N. Zaripov, Anvar N. Khuziakhmetov, Liliya A. Kayumova p313
The Principles of Selecting and Structuring the Syllabus of Foreign Language Teaching Aimed at Developing the Students Research Competence PDF
Olga V. Lopatina, Olga G. Maksimova, Tamara V. Talanova, Lyutsiya G. Khismatullina, Guzel R. Fassakhova, Timur A. Shaikhullin, Natalya V. Makovey p319
A Technology for Designing a Vocational Module in Vocational Education PDF
Elena Y. Zakirova, Stanislav V. Obukhov, Dmitry A. Krylov, Anna B. Makarova, Sergey G. Korotkov, Ivan S. Chupryakov, Yevgeny B. Sivayev p327
The Essential, Objective and Functional Characteristics of the Students’ Academic Mobility in Higher Education PDF
Regina G. Sakhieva, Rinat R. Ibatullin, Milyausha K. Biktemirova, Gyuzel K. Valeyeva, Olga V. Pchelina, Nailya S. Valeyeva, Venera N. Minsabirova, Elmira R. Khairullina p335
Professional Thinking Formation Features of Prospective Natural Science Teachers Relying on the Competence-Based Approach PDF
Suriya I. Gilmanshina, Rimma N. Sagitova, Svetlana S. Kosmodemyanskaya, Fidaliya D. Khalikova, Natalia G. Shchaveleva, Gulnar F. Valitova, Natalia S. Motorygina p341
A Comparative Study of Rights of Culprit in Islamic Jurisprudence, Codes of Legal Procedure of Iran and International Documents PDF
Abbas Jalili, Sohrab Jalali, Moness Arjomandi, Daawoud Karimi Morid p350
Reviewer Acknowledgements for Review of European Studies, Vol. 7, No. 3 PDF
Paige Dou p359

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