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Vol 7, No 8 (2015)

Review of European Studies, Vol. 7, No. 8, 2015; Special Issue, e-Version FirstTM

Table of Contents


Studying Leadership in the Context of Existential Personality Psychology PDF
Alexey V. Morov, Natalia S. Morova p1
Determinants of Integration Approach in the Agrarian Sphere Development in Contexts of Transformation PDF
Anatoly A. Smirnov, Irina V. Stukova p8
Contract of Adhesion and Conceptional Changes in Russian Contract Law PDF
Andrey F. Baculin, Anna V. Kuzmina, Olga I. Miagkova p15
On the Experience of Legal Regulation of the Principle of Publicity of Local Authorities in German Law PDF
Denis S. Mikheev, Tatiana N. Mikheeva, Marina A. Mokoseeva p23
The Model of Formation of Project Culture of the Future Pedagogue in the Course of Vocational Training PDF
Dmitry A. Krylov, Nikolai V. Kuzmin, Sergey G. Korotkov p28
Interactive Learning as Means of Formation of Future Teachers’ Readiness for Self-education PDF
Elena V. Kondratenko, Ilya B. Kondratenko, Andrey V. Rybakov, Valentina A. Svetlova, Olga L. Shabalina p35
Technologies of Organizing Prospective Teachers’ Practical Training on the Basis of Competence Approach PDF
Elena. V. Maltseva, Diana L. Kolomiets, Nadezhda D. Glizerina, Ludmila V. Kurochkina, Irina N. Andreeva, Olga B. Shestakova p43
Neuropsychological Approach to the Study of Special Aspects of Development of Preschool Children with Psychoverbal Pathology PDF
Elena Y. Borisova, Irina B. Kozina p52
About Participation of Institutes of Civil Society in Public Control over the Activities of Local Authorities PDF
Evgeny I. Belousov, Roman V. Gornev, Tatiana N. Mikheeva p59
Particularities of Political Vocabulary in Tatar and Mari Mass Media: Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis PDF
Flera Ya. Khabibullina, Iraida G. Ivanova p65
Frame Approach to Teaching Students Political Vocabulary with the Usage of Graphic-Visual Strategies PDF
Galina A. Trapeznikova, Flera Ya. Khabibullina, Iraida G. Ivanova, Lilya R. Gainutdinova, Rita A. Egoshina p77
Kinds of the Attribute in the Mari Language PDF
Galina L. Sokolova, Elena L. Yandakova, Andrej V. Richkov p88
Pan-Turkism and Discussion on Muslim National School in the Middle Volga Region After 1905 PDF
Galina V. Rokina, Oxana B. Zemtsova p95
Management of Competitiveness of a Regional Agricultural Sector PDF
Igor N. Goretov, Faina Z. Gumarova, Evgeny I. Tsaregorodtsev p105
Gender and Ethical Issues Arising from the Implementation of the Services of Surrogate Motherhood PDF
Inna G. Garanina, Nail S. Moustakimov, Tatiana A. Izbienova, Tatiana F. Timofeyeva p112
Optimization of Methods and Systems for Strategic and Operational Management Accounting in Agricultural Enterprises PDF
Lubov I. Ryzhova, Lidiya V. Nikolaeva, Nadezhda V. Kurochkina, Marina E. Lebedeva p119
Accounting Risks in the Subjects of Business Systems PDF
Maria V. Stafievskaya, Lidia V. Nikolayeva, Svetlana G. Kreneva, Ramziya K. Shakirova, Olesya A. Semenova, Tamara P. Larionova, Nicholas V. Filyushin p127
Assessment of the Students’ Physical Fitness Level and Metrological Justification of Motive Tests PDF
Nadezhda I. Palagina, Michael M. Polevshchikov, Yulia A. Dorogova, Maria L. Blinova, Andrey V. Zakamsky, Aleksandr M. Shraga, Eleonora A. Loskutova p137
Understanding Adult Learners as a Core Principle of Effective ESL-Educators PDF
Natalia A. Biryukova, Svetlana L. Yakovleva, Tatyana V. Kolesova, Larisa V. Lezhnina, Alla A. Kuragina p147
Traditional Values of Eastern Finno-Ugrians as Evidenced in Proverbs and Sayings PDF
Natalia N. Glukhova, Raisiya A. Kudryavtseva, Rodion I. Chuzaev, Galina E. Shkalina p156
Diversity and Tolerance in a Multi-Ethnic Region of Mari El Republic, Russia PDF
Natalia S. Morova, Larisa V. Lezhnina, Natalia A. Biryukova, Svetlana A. Domracheva, Olga A. Makarova p171
Ethnocultural and Social Dominants of Pedagogical Education in Conditions of National Region PDF
Natalia S. Morova, Liudmila V. Kuznetsova, Larisa V. Lezhnina, Tamara V. Talanova p182
Texts by J. Rowling’s Fans as Means of Conveying Subcultural Values PDF
Natalya I. Efimova p188
Dickens’ Christmas Story as an Intertexteme in Leskov’s Yule Short Story PDF
Natalya N. Starygina, Marina A. Pershina, Inna N. Mikheeva, Olga S. Berezina, Irina K. Klyukha p193
The Institute of the Mari Ethnos Family in the XVIII-XIX Centuries PDF
Nikolay I. Petrenko, Aleksey V. Efremov p201
Analysis of Macroeconomic Development Indicators of the Region PDF
Nikolay S. Sadovin, Tatiana N. Kokotkina, Dmitri E. Bespalov, Vladimir A. Borisov, Evgeny I. Tsaregorodsev p206
Ideological Aspect of Training Future Teachers for Patriotic Education of the Youth PDF
Nikolai V. Kuzmin, Vladimir K. Kuzmin, Dmitry A. Krylov, Vera I. Toktarova p214
Correlation between Concepts of Legal Position and Decision of Body of the Constitutional Justice PDF
Oleg A. Sidorov, Marina A. Mokoseeva, Tatiana N. Mikheeva p221
Availability of Municipal Services as a Means of Communication of Municipal Authorities and Citizens PDF
Olga V. Yakhina, Nikita S. Vavilov, Denis S. Mikheev p227
Theoretical Approaches to the Content and Structure of Competitiveness of Future Teacher PDF
Sergei Y. Lavrentiev, Dmitry A. Krylov, Valentina A. Komelina, Svetlana A. Arefieva p233
Health in the System of Students’ Axiological Orientations PDF
Svetlana A. Mukhina, Olga V. Polozova, Maria N. Gavrilova, Irina S. Zimina, Olga A. Yagdarova, Ivan V. Zabrodin, Valentina V. Bakhtina p239
Axiological Analysis of Intergenerational Relations in a Globalized Society: Myth and Reality PDF
Svetlana L. Shalaeva, Anastasia V. Shalaeva p246
The Frame Structure of the Concept FAMILY in the Paroemiological View of the World of the Finnish Language PDF
Svetlana L. Yakovleva, Marina A. Pershina, Tatiana A. Soldatkina, Ekaterina E. Fliginskikh p253
Theoretic and Methodological Bases for the Organization of Ethnic Tours for Children PDF
Svetlana N. Fedorova, Elena V. Alekseeva, Valentina V. Konstantinova, Maria V. Lezhnina, Zoya V. Medvedeva p262
Formation the Model of Criterial Indicators of Resource Potential of Small and Average Business Subjects of Mary El Republic PDF
Svetlata G. Kreneva, Elena N. Halturina, Ilnar M. Nurmuhametov, Tatyana B. Bakhtina p270
About the Strengthening of Publicity in the Formation of Local Representative Bodies: Rather-Legal Analysis PDF
Tatiana N. Mikheeva, Valentin V. Kudryavtsev, Julia S. Yaichnikova p280
Creative Work of Cultic Poets of Runet as a Subcultural Phenomenon PDF
Tatiana A. Zolotova p286
Control of Competences Formation of Foreign Language Bachelor Students on the Basis of LMS Moodle PDF
Tatjana I. Zaburdaeva, Maria A. Serebryakova, Inna V. Kazantseva, Anna L. Kolyago, Olga V. Ivanova p295
Criteria for the Classification of the Common Legal Consequences of Criminal Conviction PDF
Vasilisa E. Baskakova, Farit V. Gabdrahmanov, Larisa V. Gorbunova, Michail A. Smirnov p308
Design and Implementation of Mobile Learning Tools and Resources in the Modern Educational Environment of University PDF
Vera I. Toktarova, Anastasiia D. Blagova, Anna V. Filatova, Nikolai V. Kuzmin p318
National Determinant in Activities of the Soviet Militia (1917-1941): Regional Level PDF
Vitaly A. Ivanov, Irina A. Boyarintseva, Victor S. Solovyov, Alexey A. Ivanov p325
Development of Communication among the Members of the Youth Policy PDF
Yulia S. Obidina, Svetlana V. Rybakova, Tatyana V. Smyshlyaeva, Roman V. Belorusov, Pavel S. Kozlov p335
The Conceptual Approaches to the Analysis of the Labour Market and Employment PDF
Tatyana V. Sarycheva, Lyudmila P. Bakumenko p343
Statistical Approaches to the Evaluation of the Demand and Supply at the Labour Market Based on Panel Data PDF
Tatyana V. Sarycheva, Mikhail N. Shvetsov p356

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