Infinite Lie Algebras Generated by Supersymmetric Hypermatrices

  •  Jacob Schreiber    


In this paper we study the structure and properties of complex infinite supersymmetric hypermatrices generated by a semisimple basis, exponential sets of hypermatrices, hypermatrix Lie algebra and elements of the group of complex matrices of order two and determinant one. We study the hypermatrix Lie algebra generated by the polygons on analytic torus of genus g. By using new algebraic tools, namely cubic hypermatrices we study the algebraic structures associated with the hypermatrices of certain Lie algebras e.g. $\{sl2; f, \infty\}$; $\{sl2; \infty, \infty\}$ and $\{SL2; f, \infty\}$; $\{SL2; \infty, \infty\}$ and we construct generators of infinite periodic hypermatrix Lie algebraic structures which have classical Lie algebra decomposition; specifically a set of Lie algebras composed of hypermatrices. We study the exponential of a complex analytic Lie algebra, rotations of hypermatrices, and relations between hypermatrix groups, hypermatrix Lie Algebra, Fourier hypermatrices and the Laurent hypermatrix. Finally, as an application we will show that there is an isomorphism of the hypermatrix Lie algebra associated with a set of polygons on the torus of genus g and analytic functions associated with a countable set of solutions of a meromorphic function on the torus. In conclusion we will present a Riemann type isomorphism theorem for hypermatrices on a torus and the convoluted complex plane, generated by holomorphic functions, based on the equivalent relations of the geometry and the algebra of the torus of dimension three and genus g.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.