Investigation and Analysis of Vocational Training and Professional Identity of Biology Teachers in Southern Henan

  •  Bo Peng    
  •  Xiaojie Xu    
  •  Nongyi Zheng    
  •  Feng Peng    
  •  Xuezhong Sun    
  •  Xiayu Tian    
  •  Lulu He    
  •  Zhuanqing Yang    
  •  Yanfang Sun    
  •  Ruihua Pang    
  •  Jintao Li    
  •  Quanxiu Wang    
  •  Wei Zhou    
  •  Hongyu Yuan    


In order to effectively investigate the current professional status of biology special post teachers in the southern of Henan Province (Southern Henan), this study used the method of interviews and questionnaires to investigate and analyze the current situation of biology special post teachers in Southern Henan from the aspects of vocational training and professional identity. The results showed that: (1) Satisfaction with vocational training is still acceptable, all of them can participate in certain training, but the training policy and system need to be improved, the level of training is limited, the training opportunities are not balanced, and the training time and content need to be optimized. (2) Career identity is generally satisfactory, proud, respected and enthusiastic in teaching. It can promote the growth and development of students, but the suggestions of special post teachers have not been adopted in time. In view of the above findings, this paper puts forward some countermeasures for the professional development of biology special post teachers in Southern Henan, in order to provide theoretical basis for the follow-up study on the professional aspects of biology special post teachers, and also provide important information for the professional development of rural special post teachers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.