Conceptualizing War via Cross-Domain Mapping in Julian Grenfell’s Poem Into Battle

  •  Rufaidah Kamal Abdulmajeed    
  •  Lina Laith Younus    


Metaphor is known for most people as a device of the poetic imagination and a matter of extraordinary rather than ordinary language. George Lakoff, (1992) claims that metaphor is fundamentally found in thoughts not in language. He defines metaphor as “a cross-domain mapping in the conceptual system”, while the metaphorical language is “a surface manifestation of conceptual metaphor”. This study deals with the war poem Into Battle of Jullian Grenfell as a sample of war poetry flourished during the First World War. The results show that the application of Lackoff’s cross-domain mapping theory of metaphor functions as a way of a vital presentation of the images of war. By these metaphorical images, the war actions become easily comprehended by the readers who do not have a chance to live in or to participate in wars.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.