Ideological and Lexical Deviance of Western Media in Reflecting Socio-political Events of Pakistan

  •  Saadia Fatima    
  •  Muhammad Uzair    


The research in hand has the objectives to analyse how ideologies are expressed through discourse practices in Western media; how a discourse practice and a linguistic strategy in terms of lexical choices are employed in portraying ideologies in media about Pakistan. Grounded on the theoretical framework of Van Dijk’s approach of Ideology in critical discourse analysis, the socio-cognitive model was used for analysis which is the most appropriate to study media discourse, the data is analysed qualitatively. The method of the current research is critical discourse analysis. The research revolves around the Pakistani socio-political events in Western media from the perspective of a global issue that is a war on terrorism. The research has objectives to investigate what and how Western media has used lexical choices to depict a certain ideology about Pakistan to the world. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.