Reciprocal Teaching for English and Arabic Language Learners in Recent Studies

  •  Subhieya Abu Hatab    


The current paper aimed to compile studies of Reciprocal teaching for English and Arabic language learners. We searched in the ERIC and EBSCO Databases, through recent studies. We found that reciprocal teaching is as method rather close and somewhat paradoxical, hence the interest of examining the movement of those who were the promoters. An approach that, indispensable as it is, needs to be complemented by studies on the use, interest, contributions and limitations of this teaching method in the educational field. Comparative analyzes are also needed to identify its distinguishing features and possible commonalities. It was there that appear essential, for example, when one leads a working partner to appropriate text, the other aid in the discovery of an activity. There are many advantages and disadvantages in it but, more profoundly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.