Gapping: A New LFG Approach

  •  Yasir Alotaibi    


This paper discusses gapping in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and analyzes this phenomenon through the lexical-functional grammar (LFG) framework. It argues against previous analyses of nonconstituent coordination in LFG, including those proposed by Maxwell & Manning (1996) and Frank (2002) and her followers. The main problem with those analyses is that they violate one of the well-formedness conditions in LFG, which requires the functional structure (f-structure) to be coherent. Therefore, the paper provides a new analysis of gapping in LFG, in which the deleted verb in the second conjunct is analyzed as a null verb that has a PRED value and that indicates the tense in its local clause. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.