The Study of Vocabulary Awareness Effect on Intermediate Language Learners’ Depth of Vocabulary Knowledge in Genuine Persian Texts

  •  Masoumeh Dehjalali    
  •  Siros Izadpanah    


Every single day, we use spoken and written words to communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions. Sometimes, we are successful in communication, and sometimes we are not quite successful. We can say what we mean by use of good vocabulary knowledge. Facing with a written text, a good vocabulary is a very important tool. By having a good knowledge of vocabulary, you will be able to choose the best appropriate word. The purpose of the present study was set out to investigate the effects of vocabulary awareness on depth of vocabulary knowledge. In order to measure the effects of vocabulary awareness instruction on students’ depth of vocabulary knowledge, a Word Associates Test (WAT) was administered to both groups in pretest and post test. After comparing the mean scores of pre test and post test results, it was revealed that vocabulary awareness instruction group outperformed the control group in reading comprehension performance, but not in depth of vocabulary knowledge, so vocabulary awareness instruction does not influence participants’ depth of vocabulary knowledge.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.