Classroom Ideologies and Teaching Practices of Native and Non-native English Teachers in EFL Classrooms

  •  Hema Kesevan    


This paper presents the findings of two different sets of teachers’ classroom ideologies and actual teaching practices. It compares a set of native and non-native English teachers that are distinct in terms of teacher training background, qualifications and experiences. This study explores the divergence and convergence of the teachers’ ideologies to their actual implementation in classroom. It investigates the factors that lead to the convergence and divergence of the teachers’ actual practice than their claimed ideologies. The findings of this study reveals that both sets of teachers do share the same classroom ideologies but do not apply those ideologies in a same way. The variations between the teachers exist for a variety of reasons, factors such as nature of training, classroom context, experiences of the teachers and their backgrounds have a great influence on teaching practices.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.