A Study of Factors Affecting EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Skill and the Strategies for Improvement

  •  Abbas Pourhosein Gilakjani    
  •  Narjes Banou Sabouri    


Reading comprehension is a significant skill that furthers the development of learners’ various academic tasks. It helps them decoding a text, analyzing, explaining, and expressing their own ideas about written materials. Learners should develop a strong ability to understand written materials to struggle with the academic tasks that their teachers deal with them. A primary objective of reading comprehension is to aid learners improve skills and comprehension of texts if they want to be skilled readers. In this review paper, the researchers define the term reading comprehension and reading strategies, elaborate previous findings about the relationship between reading strategies and reading comprehension skill, state factors affecting reading comprehension skill, explain the effective strategies for reading comprehension, and finally mention suggestions for improving reading comprehension skill. The findings of this review paper indicated that appropriate reading strategies play a vital role in improving EFL learners’ reading comprehension skill.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.