Authorship Methodology, Rational Thinking and Modernity in Abu Alqasem Al-Zajajee’s Book Aleedah Fi Elal Alnahu—Clarifications in Syntax Justifications

  •  Ahmad Al Nuaimi    
  •  Hanna Abu-Jaber    


This is a study of Abu Alqasem Al-Zajajee’s book Clarifications in Syntax Justifications in order to create authorship methodology and style for the writer by presenting the book content as a model for rational thinking and modernity in the fourth century of Muslim calendar. This study shows that modernism is not attributed to a specific period of history or monopolized commodity for science or a figurative manifestation of creativity; nevertheless, it is a methodology in authorization and thinking based on being free of tradition and committing to your vision—visibility.

This study shows that Al-Zajajee had created new writing techniques like using self-analysis, rational thinking, reasoning and providing philosophical evidences. He divided his book into two chapters; the first chapter talks about headlines of clarification, the second chapter about controversial issues, without committing himself to a certain size for the headlines or the issues; therefore, the same headlines were discussed in several lines while some issues in one and a half line.

Consequently, this study had presented recognition card for Al-Zajajee providing deep critiques for the contents leading to a clarified and specified results within its own borders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.