Linguo-Cultural Aspect of Interrelation of Language and Culture

  •  Sevinj Hasanova    


The theme which we investigate, in comparison with other fields of linguistic study is comparatively new. Investigations show that linguocultural aspect of linguistic science appeared at the beginning of the XX century and gradually ousted country study. Despite the fact that linguoculturology is comparatively a new field of investigation, methodological foundations of study of problems of language and culture interactions are continuously being formed, a part of which, we have intended to embrace in this research work. The given research covers determination of the criteria of complex consideration of the problem, including the necessity of determination of the borders of linguoculturology and teaching this subject at schools and higher educational establishments, because linguocultural information becomes a necessary communicative part of the competence of the student, specific manner, realized in the semantics of language unit.

As it is known, linguoculturology studies interrelation of language and culture, but being different from culture-oriented linguistics, the main attention is focused on the linguistic aspect in this article.

In this research work attempts have been made to determine the object of investigation of culturology and discover types of culture, its layers, its ties with other fields of sciences, including humanitarian sciences among which are psychology, sociology and others. A special attention in the study of culturology is paid to cultural, social state and national features of people speaking this or that language and possessing the culture with all its self-belonging peculiarities.

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