The Sociology of Nigerian English: Trends in English Usage in Aba Example

  •  Judith Mgbemena    


This paper investigates contemporary trends in the English language usage in the Nigerian situation, with specific reference to Aba, a popular commercial metropolitan city with international markets in the South East of Nigeria. The study examines the influence of the English language on patterns of language choice, attitudes and language use in the scoiety and also highlights how some sociolinguistics and socio-cultural variables in turn determine the development of the English language in the society.The study adopts a survey approach. Instruments for data collection include questionnaire, interview and observation. Data were analysed using sociolinguistics tools; Variationist linguistics serves to account for the influence of social variables and structures such as the commercial group on the innovations, development and subtle change in English in the multilingual society. Information from the study highlights that English in the Nigerian situation yields to further nativisation as it continues to serve the diverse ends of different categories of users. Hence, policies relating to language and national development need consider the sociocultural context of English usage in Nigeria.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.