SMS Texting and Its Potential Impacts on Students’ Written Communication Skills

  •  Solomon Dansieh    


This article seeks to examine the transformative impact of SMS text messaging on student written communication skills. Using the survey method, the article examines how pervasive the use of SMS texting is among polytechnic students; its possible effects on students’ writing skills; and, what lecturers and students themselves think about the phenomenon. Based on responses from survey participants, the article argues that even though mobile phones are handy ICTs for harnessing and disseminating information, they could have their dark side too: the SMS text messaging function could heighten the tendency among students to adopt non-standard uses and contracted forms of English words in their classwork, examinations and research reports especially in an academic environment where English is the L2 of most students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.