Place of Causativity in the Language System of the Azerbaijani and English languages

  •  Chinara Vagif Abdullayeva    


“The English-Azerbaijani Dictionary” gives the following definitions for the words “causative” and “causation” in Azerbaijani: 1) Səbəbiyyət (act of causing); 2) Səbəblik (causation); 3) Hadisələr arasında səbəb əlaqəsi (causative relations among the events) [The English-Azerbaijani Dictionary, 2003]. Thus, by causativity or causation the linguistics mean the relations of cause and consequence. The category of cause and consequence has been attracting the attention of philosophers, textual critics and linguists since the antiquity. Bunge, who studied this category particularly, notes that the category of causation functions as a special type of mutual actions or mutual interdependence. The relation of cause and consequence as a philosophical category complete each other. As the human language reflects the realities, the relation of cause plays an important role as the category of time in the syntax of the sentence (Bunge, 1962).

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