On Sustainable Development of Sericulture Industry --An Empirical Study on Pengan County of Sichuan Province

  •  Shutao Gao    


Sericulture industry is a typical export-oriented industry, which is highly sensitive to world economic situation.
The global financial crisis in 2008 caused a great impact on the sericulture industry of Pengan County in Sichuan
Province. It further shows that traditional and single production and management mode of “cultivation
-sericulture-cocoon-filature” is difficult to adapt to frequent fluctuation of international cocoon silk market. In
order to overcome the difficulty and promote the sustainable development of sericulture industry of Pengan
County, we have to actively explore new mode of production and management, strengthen comprehensive
development and utilization of sericulture resources, broaden the value-added channels of sericulture industry,
and improve the industry’s overall economic efficiency.

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