Implementation of (TQM) in the Faculty of Planning & Management at Al-Balqa Applied University

  •  Rafat. Salameh Salameh    
  •  Mohammed Awwad Alzyadat    
  •  Jamal Ahmad Alnsour    


The purpose of the research is to identify the requirements for the implementation of Total Quality Management
(TQM) in the Faculty of Planning and Management at Al-Balqa Applied University, Assalt, Jordan, analyzing
each of these requirements and how those fit in the faculty that leads to upgrade quality performance of the
University in general and the faculty in particular.
The paper defines (TQM) as a philosophy of organizations, improves organizational performance and
administrative systems. The overall objective of this paper is to highlight the general principles and requirements
of (TQM) and to point out how this approach can be used to improve the quality of the academic institution.
The research main finding include: the adoption of (TQM) as a modern approach still limited in the Arab
countries, particularly at higher education institutions. Teamwork, continuous improvement, integrated
coordination, creativity and innovation are the bases of (TQM) philosophy. The competent administrative
leadership is the backbone for implementing (TQM) methodology.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.