The Current Reality and Readiness towards Overcoming the Global Business Crisis: Five Selected Countries as a Case Study

  •  Hajer Abdulla    
  •  Amani Abbass    
  •  Aziza Saeed    
  •  Akram Jalal    


The Global business crisis has hit all of the world economies. The effect is relative to each country's
circumstance. Some is severely hurt like USA and Europe, due to housing loans that were not recoverable. Some
countries got affected lightly due to the nature of their society, economies and the regulations and the policies
controlling it. This research is attempted to assess the willingness of a selected five countries: Kingdom of
Bahrain, Kingdom Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Republic Turkey to overcome
the impacts of this crisis.
The study adapted quantitative research design to test two research hypotheses. Quantitative research use survey
as the main instrument to collect data. The results of the study revealed that the some countries are actually
strong enough to overcome the crisis and others aren’t. Those countries listed as unwilling to overcome the crisis
should apply new strategies if they want to recover it.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.