Personality Traits among Entrepreneurial and Professional



This is a descriptive, quantitative, and hypotheses testing study conducted on entrepreneurial and professional
CEOs. This study has a particular interest in small medium enterprises (SMEs) because it constitutes the core of
our economy and is a major factor of social composition. The purpose of present study is to investigate and explore
differences on the motivational profile of Pakistani entrepreneurial and professional CEOs based on motivational
profiles. This paper investigates the area that remained ignored in Pakistan and examines how entrepreneurial are
different from professional CEOs and identifies differences on the basis of motivational profile between
entrepreneurial and professional CEOs.
The finding of the study reveals that there is a significant difference in motivational profiles between
entrepreneurial CEOs and Professional CEO. Contrary to that professional CEOs scored lower on these but higher
on type-A personality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.