The Role of Media on Consumer Brand Choice A Case Study of Chocolate Industry

  •  Fazlollah Kazemi    
  •  Malihe Esmaeili    


brand choice in the market, it becomes necessary for manufacturers to understand the major factors attracting
buyers to his own brand. The survey of 538 randomly selected consumers of Pune/India examined the role
played by media on consumer brand choice of Cadbury Dairy Milk (chocolate brand). Results revealed that the
age group of consumers does not have significant effect on reception of advertizing by Cadbury Dairy Milk. It
also shows that 37.7% of the consumers prefer Cadbury Dairy Milk more than other brands of chocolate. The
major reason for brand preference is advertisement (52.6%). TV advertising was most preferred by78.8% of the
respondents of all the media used. High preference for advertisement is highlighted for companies that want to
not only retain their market but to increase their market share.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.