Adjustment on Global Value Chains of Enterprises and Corresponding Revaluation on Human Resource--from the New Financial Storm Perspective

  •  Kai Yao    
  •  Xiaoming Cui    


Impacted by the new financial storm, enterprises open up the source and regulate the flow one after another in
order to confront the crisis. One hand, they greatly cut management costs, especially those of human resource, as
its costs account for large percent but show small effects. On the other hand, they make every effort to exploit
market for smooth capital flow, i.e. rapid gain of short-term benefits. This temporary adjustment can help
enterprises cross crisis temporarily, but it doesn’t benefit long-term development of enterprises. Particularly,
when human resource is seriously under evaluated, it is harmful for cultivating of core competitiveness of
enterprises, which will directly cause enterprises’ immersion in financial storm without getting through, and
affect sustainable development of enterprises.

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