Evaluating the Deming Management Model of Total Quality in Telecommunication Industry in Pakistan – An Empirical Study

  •  Muhammad Asif Khan    


The study investigates the total quality management dimensions, based on Deming Management Model, in
telecommunication industry in Pakistan. Questionnaire and semi structured interview were used to collect data
from random sample of 400 executives and managers of Cellular Mobile Telephone Operators. Regression
analysis indicated that these organizations implement total quality management practices. The findings suggest
that an integrated approach is required to implement the total quality management practices in order to realize
strategic quality objectives. The study extends the applicability of the Deming Management Model to a new
industry and country. Collectively, the results of the research provide more nuanced understanding of issues
relating to quality management in developing countries and a framework for enhancing organizational

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.