Creating Small Business Sustainability Awareness

  •  Christopher J. Newell    
  •  Walter B. Moore    


“Going Green” has global implications and is often seen as a costly endeavor by small business managers. In
many instances, managers do not even consider sustainability. The purpose of this paper is to create an
awareness among small business managers and owners that “Going Green” or sustainability is not only healthy
for the environment but also healthy for the bottom line. Before an organization can address sustainability issues
they must become aware that efforts to support the environment and the subsequent reporting of results should
be part of corporate policy. Using GLATE analysis facilitates that awareness. An organization should (1) be
aware, (2) take action, (3) monitor, (4) make adjustments and (5) report on the results of sustainability efforts.
This paper addresses the first phase, awareness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.